The white dress

Let’s be honest … the white dress is a musthave for every girl/woman this season. You can’t miss it in your wardrobe, because it’s a casual thing you just need. I really like the short ones, because of my shape and length. For this post I took a fast look into my wardrobe and chose […]

How to wear the Denim Dungaree

I’m so happy to see overalls make a comeback this year. As a little kid I used to wear them a lot. More than 10 years later I’m back in overalls, feeling just as excited to wear them. The great thing about them is that you can wear them anytime with anything under it. An […] Peplum Perfect

Every single woman on this earth has her own unique body shape. Every body shape needs different clothing items. A while back, brands introduced the peplum top to fashion world. The special thing about this top is that it simply fits every body shape, so it can be worn by every woman. Peplum tops give […]

Summer with Forever 21

When we’re looking for fashion and summer there’ll always be one place where we can find both: Forever 21. Their current collection has probably a lot of the most wish lists. I’ve got a few items for this season which I combined to an outfit. I think this look is stunning for the mid summer […]

Amsterdam City Vibe

Paris, New York, Milan, London and Amsterdam are the places to be when we talk about fashion and a good mood, if you ask me. Recently I went to Amsterdam and experienced a lot of it. You’ll be amazed, each time you come there again.

Flower Power

Summer has finally started and that means that there are a lot of new fashion trends coming up. Examples of things we can expect this season are pastel colours, boho-chic stuff and floral items. That’s why I decided to pull these expectations together to create a lovely look which is perfect for those regular warm […]