Salt and sand

I know I’ve posted a lot of summer posts already, for different occasions, but I haven’t posted a blog post about a beach look yet, so that’s what I have for you today! A great way to spend a summer evening is to go to the beach and just strolling around. When I go to […]

Summer evening at the park

There’s no better way to spend a casual summer evening than going to the park, if you ask me. I had a lot of such evenings on my holiday in Italy! In most of Italian parks, you can find a fountain, old lanterns, flat stones to sit on, lovely trees and flowers. It’s a pity […]

The floating city of Venice

I’m back on the internet loves! The reason that I hadn’t the opportunity to post new blog posts is that I’m just back from my holiday to Venice, in Italy! I had to take my rest after a really exhaustive period and had the best time in this floating city. It’s by far on my […]