Great in green

When you go outside this season, you’ll at least notice two things: the leaves are falling down and all the green is turning into red, orange and brown. Where nature is giving us less of this olive colour, fashion is giving us more. For fall we were simly used to lean on green. The thing […]

Autumn has arrived

Knock knock .. who’s there? It’s autumn. I’m glad to realize this, because I’m more than ready for the cold weather. You might as well disagree with me, but I love to chill by the fireplace inside or to walk trough the forest. A bit of sun makes that even nicer, I have to give […]

Red & leather

When we talk about one of the autumn colours, we talk about red. And when we talk about one of the things to keep you warm, but still fashionable, we talk about leather. So wouldn’t a combination of these two, create the perfect autumn look? I actually think that such a combination would be one […]

L’oreal Paris: everyday makeup products for fall

Fall is coming up and that means that the makeup ideals are going to change. Dark shades instead of the bright colors where we were used to during summer. To be honest, this is my first makeup look post ever and somehow I’m nervous about it, but excited though. I decided to write about the […]

White collar crime

If there’s one thing that makes a look classic, it’s a collar. This piece of cloth is always good, if you ask me. No matter what time or which seaon, it gives the impression of a neat person. I have to say that I prefer a collar when fall is with us. Collar dresses, collar […]

Classic city look

If you could describe your fashionstyle with one word, what word would it be? Most people would probably just go for casual or basic, just because that’s the most easy thing to say in this situation. I would definitely go for something else. My answer would be: classic. I love to wear clothes with an […]

Authentic Austria

The country which is famous of his classic houses, where you see cows at the weirdest places, which has many rivers with a lot of green nature around it and last but not least, where you have a perfect view on the mountains. We’re talking about the Authentic Austria. I’ve been there a couple of […]

Sequins to finish

Glittter and glamour! Well, that’s not really my thing actually. I’m better off with pastel colours, collars etcetera. But sequins, I won’t say no to them. It’s easy; you don’t need many accessories when you’ve got sequins, especially when you’ve got them on a dress. For this look I chose a dress with golden details, […]