My healthy fall fruits breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nothing’s better than starting the day, the healthy way. As I’ve admitted before … I don’t always have time for an extraordinary morning meal. But when I have, I really take time for it. It won’t be a surprise to read that I prefer a berries […]

Streetwise mornings

Mornings. Most of the people are not a big fan of them, especially now it’s getting colder. I’ve to say I love them, I really do. Okay, I’ve also to admit it’s not easy for me: getting up when I’m lying wrapped in lovely blankets on a regular schoolday. Once I’m out of bed it’s […]

All about the autumn leaves

”Float down, like the autumn leaves,” is an Ed Sheeran citate of the song autumn leaves. I’ve got to say that I’m absolutely in love with this song. It’s romantic and puts me in a seasonal mood. I could say a lot about it, but I think you should just listen it. It made me decide to […]

The writing forest girl

As some of you know, I’m a journalist. I’m still studying, but one of my teachers told me I can call myself this way, so why not? When I started my journalism study, I was convinced that it was just it for me. I’m following its classes for like 2 months now and a week ago I began […]

All black and easy to go

How convenient is it, having to think about only one item in the morning, when composing a new outfit? That’s why they probably invented the jumpsuit. It’s a fashionable way to dress quickly and easily. Wearing it may be a little daring, but when the jumpsuit’s all covered in black, you’re fully safe.

Symbolic stairs

When I go shooting for my blog I look for several, special and surprising places. It’s hard to find them when you’re a student and you haven’t the time and possibility to drive anywhere you want to. It’s up to me to be original and find appropriate locations. I love street photography and when I think […]