More than ready for 2015

2014 has come to an end. Christmas just left us and New Year’s Eve will be here in two days. This year has gone by fast, if you ask me. I like to look back on the past year. I also want to share my thoughts and intentions about the new year. Almost 2015, almost the first […]

The telling tartan trend

Back with a vengeance: the tartan trend! If you thought the tartan print was new this winter, you’re wrong. The origin of tartan was already worn by the ancient Celts and even at the time of the Roman Empire. Here to stay, that’s how we can label it. Especially when we look at the fashion […]

December days in Amsterdam

December is halfway there and there’s no better way to spend those last days of the year than in a big city, like Amsterdam. A city where you can find a lot of inspiration. A city where you can develop yourself. A city that lives, no matter if it’s day or night, bright or rainy. […]

Black and white contrast

What better way to get dressed quickly and chicly than by wearing black and white? Black and white is a powerful combination where you can’t actually go wrong with. Stylish, sophisticated and always good. This fall we see this contrast mix everywhere: in your clothes, but also in accessories.

The red dress effect

A red dress isn’t only the garment we like to wear during the holiday season, it’s also a special term in marketing and fashion world. Marketers like to talk about stuff we call disruptive. And when it comes to advertising and fashion design a few things are quite as disruptive as a woman in a […]

Black coat on the road

A long black coat is perhaps just as essential as a little black dress. This garment shouldn’t really be missed in the closet of a fashionista, because you can’t really go wrong with this item. Not now, never, even this fall not.