Personal fashion style: classic

A classic style goes beyond the trends, it’s art! The special feature of the classic taste is that clothes are eternal, because they don’t go with the trends, but have their own spin on clothes. The classic style is a great way for me to highlight my unique personality, by keeping my clothes chic and […]

Nearby the waterfront

Cleaning your mind nearby the waterfont. Probably one of the best feelings when you’re wearing an ultimate winter outfit at the same time. The atmosphere nearby the waterfront as the sun sets is mind blowing and peacefull in my opinion. You see a big contrast compared to the busy environment earlier that day or week. […]

Giveaway: Alaga Fedora hat

It’s the half year anniversary from my blog, so I decided to do a giveaway! I’ll giveaway one burgundy and one black Alaga Fedora hat from Missguided. All you have to do to win a hat is like & share this post on Facebook, or on Instagram by tomorrow morning. I’ll send an email to […]

Black stays the new black

”I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.” Yes, I absolutely relate to this quote which is widely used in fashion world. Black makes a big comeback this late fall. That doesn’t mean we’ll see no color. On the contrary. Black and color go hand in hand. You can say about black what […]

The fifties checkered coat

The checker pattern is one season more popular than the other. However, this fall we’re celebrating the motif in various guises. The largest checker trend is perhaps the checkerd mantle or coat. This garment may come from the fifties .. today, women still wear it proudly.

The January jumper

It may get a bit colder this January if you ask the big fashion houses. The large jumper is one of the fashion trends of 2015 and an important item in your wardrobe this season. You see long jumpers of soft materials and a little oversized shape. Striking patterns and chunky knitwear are also seen a lot.

Enjoying the winter warmth

Happy New Year visitors! A new year brings new opportunities. Is your creativity declined to the minimum with special thanks to the winter cold and holidays? Prepare yourself for a stylish and fashionable 2015! And let’s start this year warm, untill the winter days are over.