Sunglasses for the next seasons

The eyewear trends for the coming season are trendy vintage, industrial looks and transparent pastel shades. On the catwalk I spotted a lot of soft red and blue colors. Also the classic cat eye model is fully incorporated.

A hint of honey mustard

Fashion Week designers surprised us with striking yellow hues for the next season. They introduced items in the colors of mustard and saffron to get our wardrobe up to date for spring. The mustard colored Costello deep v belted dress for example. Mustard an autumn color? Not necessarily, so let’s prove it isn’t.

The white boyfriend blazer

The blazer is no longer inseparable from contemporary fashion. With spring and summer on the schedule, the white boyfriend variant is ready to be ticked. Obviously, because this great item can be combined endlessly. It’s casual, classy and comes in all models. You wear it all day. The jacket is perfect for a lunch by […]

Scottish on the streets

You can say a lot about the Scots; that they’re whiskey inhaling red haired folks, for example. But the tartan is definitely the best of all clichés.

Where the heart is

Everyone has places where they feel home, safe and above all, comfortable. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’d like to talk about places where the heart is. Not only on this special February day of course, but always. Places where we long to go.

Suit up!

A good suit is a must have in every men’s wardrobe. But what about women? At the moment, ‘the suit’ for the woman, is a huge fashion trend! A suit consisting of a jacket and slacks with a chalk line and a fitted blouse may have a musculine appearance, but it can also be beautiful, chic […]

Romance all around

Valentine’s Day .. some people call it a commercial celebration, others consider it as a day whereupon you pamper that special someone. I think romance is always good, no matter what day of the year it is. And yes, also on Valentine’s Day.