My kind of mornings

Mornings. You probably count about 23010 in your ‘adult’ life. Some love it, others think they’re horrible. That’s partly just biological. For another, it’s just hard to get up. Luckily, there are also good reasons for getting up. The nicer your reason is, the nicer your morning will be.

Style rules for the modern business woman

Classic and elegance are still the key words. As a business woman you want to exude professionalism, competence, reliability and responsibility. Make sure your ‘work wardrobe’ includes some real classics where you can always fall back on.

You can leave your hat on

A hat is the perfect fashion accessory. It’s classic, but at the same time very trendy. Not everyone dares to appear on the streets with a distinctive hat. Fortunately, we’re going to see the hat more often on the streets.

The legendary black and white

Of course, here’s one of our favorites again, this trend remains a classic; the color combination black and white. Despite the many styles in black and white (from romantic to geometric) I like to talk about this combination I’ve written about several times in the past, because it will always work for me.

Comfy but classy

We all know that fashion isn’t always portable. It was a relief to see comfortable kaftans, dresses and jumpsuits on the catwalk of 2015. Also, the use of color was quiet. No bright colors, but white, black, navy and gray. Spring isn’t only very stylish this year, it’s also very comfortable!

Pure simplicity

‘Less is more’ is a statement that seems to last forever and stylists can’t say it often enough to us. Even designers are inspired by minimalism again for the next seasons. Simple is the new chic. Clean lines, sober colors and basic items are enough to look fashionable.

Pink lady

Audrey Hepburn once said:”I believe in pink.” But don’t we all? Pink is one of the biggest trends this spring. The bright pink powder shades are favored by many designers. Spotted on the catwalk, but by bloggers and on street style reports as well. Especially the pinky coat or blazer is an eyecatcher that we saw passing by. […]