When fashion meets art

Art and fashion are always linked to each other. Primarily because clothing designs are already art itself, and secondly because we spot a lot of artful prints on the catwalk this season. Art on your trousers or part of your jumpsuit. Everything seems possible. It was least expected that this trend was coming, but what happens when […]

Blue class on wheels

”When I see an Alfa Romeo go by, I tip my hat” is an old saying by Henry Ford. I don’t wear much hats, but if I did, I would citate mister Ford every time I saw one of those creatures. 

Two is better than one

Chanel was there to made it a statement, and made sure it’s suit was indispensable in our wardrobes. The tweed made two piece has long been a favorite with both businesswomen and the mundane rich, who were seen a lot in the two-piece set. From the heyday of the roaring twenties to the swinging sixties […]

Orange is the happiest color

Orange is the ultimate color for spring and summer. Last year the trendwatcher expected that tangerine (mandarin) would dominate the catwalks and streets in 2015. And they were right. The mandarin orange color is everywhere at the moment.

Hello spring

Easter may have just ended, spring will still stay for a while. I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes the fact that it’s getting warmer. The flowers and nature which are on its best, the sun rays, the happy faces, it seems impossible to not like that.