Spa day

There are a lot of things you can do during your spare time. One of my favorite ‘activities’ when I’ve no school or work, is going to the spa. I don’t go there often, but the last two weeks I went to the spa for almost everyday. I took my rest, and yes, I took […]

Drinks at Nassau Beach Club

Beach clubs are indispensable on Ibiza, at least there are enough of them. But what do you expect from this island? I went to much of them and I love to relax with a drink and a sea view. Nassau is one of my favorite beach clubs and they sell the best drinks, definitely.

Dalt Vila

Nowadays I know that the Spanish island of Ibiza is much more than just a party island. Even though the parties, clubs and DJs there are a huge part of it. Besides all the partying more and more people appreciate the architecture of this island. Such as Dalt Vila, the old town of Ibiza, which […]

Present time!

I don’t think anybody exists who doesn’t love presents. And when it’s your birthday, it’s present time. I got some great new stuff for my 18th one which I like to share with you.

18th birthday brunch

People say that your 18th birthday is something special and that you have to celebrate it big. Yesterday was my turn to achieve this age but I kept it rather quiet and went to the city went for a brunch with Bastian. And it was a good one.