Late summer beachclub time

Me and my friends love to spend time having drinks in beachclubs during summer. Last week I went to Blu Beach and Beachclub O with my girl Rachel. Summer is almost over so we went for a good seasonal lunch and enjoyed the beach.

Dinner at Sun Sushi

Sushi is my all time favorite food. You can wake me up for a few of those Japanese pieces. And they surely know how to create them in France. I had the best sushi dinner at Sun Suhi.

Cocktails at Bloomingdale beachclub

When you’re looking for a beach and thereby a good beachclub, Holland isn’t the right place. At least, I thought that before my visit to the Bloomingdale beach and beachclub. Because believe me, if you want that Ibiza feeling in my home country you actually are at the right place here.

Cap d’ache

I love visiting ports, especially when I’m on a holiday in South Europe. The most amazing yachts are presented in front of you and it’s great to flow away on one. But for me, I enjoy it as much to walk along the promenade and watch them. In France we went to several of such […]

BTS location shoot styling

Last Wednesday I did the styling of a fashion photoshoot on location.The theme was mostly about female sexuality and a strong personality. My job was the clothes, shoes and accesories part. And some detail styling during the shoots of course. We did a few shoots with different fashion concepts.

Dinner at Le Batistou

If there’s one place where they know how to serve good fish and wine it’s France. I personally love fresh fish and especially when you know they catched it that day in the local waters. I enjoyed all of this when we had dinner at Le Batistou.

10 reasons why I love France

There are many reasons why you can love travelling, parts of the world, or even an entire country. France is such a country. A lot of people say that French people are grumpy and that France is just a nice place to stay during a holiday, but I think France is way more than that.