Mountain view

As soon as I see pictures from Austria I want to go back there. It’s so cold here in the Netherlands. Austria is cold as well but in a different way because of the sun shing on the mountains.

Skiday in Kaltenbach

Yesterday we visited Kaltenbach for some ski excitement and at the moment I’m relaxing on my couch back home in the Netherlands. I’ve had an amazing week full of skiing, fun, snow and happiness.

Snow time

Hello from Mayrhofen! We arrived in Austria on Saturday morning. Everything is so magical. It’s white around here and I’ve skied for the first time ever.

Packing for the snow

Today I’ve spent the whole day being busy with preparations for the ski holiday. I’ve never skied before in my entire life so it’s all kind of new for me. I’m going to Austria with my family in law and we leave on Friday.

Yesterday’s shoot

Yesterday I styled model Lindsay for a really nice shoot. We enjoyed some spring and summer fashion at a really authentic place.

Sunday brunch

Between all the studying there seems no time left for fun things. Luckily you occasionally need a break when you’re working. And when we have, we have it good.


I went to Amsterdam today, had lunch and ran into sweet Kenza. Despite the snowy and stormy weather we currently have here, it was a worthy day!

White & gold

These last days of December I wear a lot of white and gold. During Christmas I wore an entire white outfit. At first I thought it was kind of scary to wear white at wintertime, but I didn’t feel bad wearing it after all. I was surrounded by many golden decorations.

My Christmas

I feel sorry to say that Christmas is over. My favourite days of the year has gone by and I already look forward to next year. I do had a really lovely Christmas though! A Christmas that scores high on my good memories list.

By the fireplace

These days I just want to snuggle up by the fireplace. It’s so cold outside and these last weeks of December I just want to sit there and enjoy the warmth, a good book, hot chocolate or coffee and most of all: count down for Christmas.